Banaras, A Mystic Love Story

Banaras is not a destination its a journey of our lives. If you go to watch this movie for a ready-made solution or only to "kill" two hours, you may get disappointed. Banaras is aimed to create a thirst for something one is generally uncomfortable to explore.

Friday, June 29, 2012

My own review of.. Gangs of Wasseypur – I (GOW-I)     I had seen Gangs of Wasseypur - I (GOW-I) just after the edit and I was really impressed, considering it was the small screen.   Soon after the Cannes and the Indian release, I began reading reviews. Frankly, the opinions of the critics were so varied that I decided to watch the movie in theater and write my own review.   GOW-I, is an epic that required bold approach and slick narration. Establishment and characterization of main characters ought to have been identifiable, lingo as well as the background score had to have the fragrance of soil of Bihar and that's what it precisely does!   The movie opens with bangs (quite literally) and sets tone for the rest of the film which is full of violence, raw passion and brute egos. The epic is all about the revenge and survival of the protagonist who has no empathy, sympathy or softness towards anyone. Winning, revenge, manipulation, tactic and raw energy are all on exhibition with aplomb.   Frankly, I see GOW-I to be the 'Arrival' of hindi cinema. The film is non-pretentious and fearless and treats the subject, language, music and songs as such!   The most notable part of the narration is its treatment where sex and violence are intertwined with the clever linings of raw humor. In the audience, I heard women laughing and enjoying the dialogues more than men! It seemed to touch a chord of the audience who had chosen to come.   Manoj Vajpayee, in my opinion, was memorable in Satya, but in this movie you will witness him as an accomplished, matured, refined and a complete actor.   Huma Qureshi (the actress of Sujata that was produced by in collaboration with AKFPL ),  in a short role excels! She looks like Meena Kumari and acts like Waheeda Rehman. Watch out guys, you may fall in love with her.   Satya Anand (the actor of Sujata, again a film in collaboration with AKFPL)to his credit, had an important role, where he portrays a typical useless & cowardice politician.   Richa Chaddha (the actress of 'The epilogue' produced by in collaboration with AKFPL) as wife of Manoj Vajpayee gives her best and truly shines with her range of emotions.   Vineet Singh (lead actor of 'Shor'; a movie of many credits produced by in collaboration with AKFPL) including special mention by the Grand Jury at IFFLA; appears as Manoj Vajpayee’s elder son and does a great job. GOW-I sets the stage for him to play a much bigger role in GOW- II (a la Michael Corleone in The Godfather)   All other main characters fit their roles like gloves!   Besides, 'Keh ke lenge' that has been on every poster, my favorite dialogue is one of Huma Qureshi’s... '"lekin aap ko parmison to leni chahiye  thi...".   In my view, I experienced only two negatives- A couple of yawns in the first 30 mins and the tone of the song "Keh ke lenge", when, in patches, sounded too melodious for the genre.   Overall, in my truest opinion, GOW- I is far more realistic cinema than much hyped 'Slumdog Millionaire' and  I hope that after reading this short review you rush to a theater and experience the saga yourself.   Anurag rocks all the way!!!   (4.5).....Stars. By LC Singh for