Banaras, A Mystic Love Story

Banaras is not a destination its a journey of our lives. If you go to watch this movie for a ready-made solution or only to "kill" two hours, you may get disappointed. Banaras is aimed to create a thirst for something one is generally uncomfortable to explore.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Banaras at the Wychwood festival in England

Banaras receives standing ovation at the Wychwood festival in Cheltnham.

Cheltnham is among one of the most picturesque locations in England. The festival for music and movies was organized in the famous Cheltnham racecourse grounds of this beautiful city. The festival attracted more than 8000 people on this sunny and warm Saturday of the 2nd day of the June.

The movie Banaras, a mystic love story was selected as the only Hollywood movie ‘cause of its “spiritual” appeal.

The audience comprised of families and mature audience who were all enthralled with the music, dance and the sheer experience of watching the movie.

The intensity and the effect of the movie were visible on the audience as many of them had tears in their eyes. The viewers were all English and Europeans. At the end of the movie, I was invited to come to the stage and take questions.

It was a wonderful feeling to know that the movie had connected so well with the audience who knew nothing about Banaras and did not speak Hindi.