Banaras, A Mystic Love Story

Banaras is not a destination its a journey of our lives. If you go to watch this movie for a ready-made solution or only to "kill" two hours, you may get disappointed. Banaras is aimed to create a thirst for something one is generally uncomfortable to explore.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blessed, Soham

A lot happened in the past few months!
Time ran faster, yet,I became younger... A sense of renewal!?

I became a grandfather on the Valentine’s Day, the 14th February 2007.

All our family sat in a room to discuss and finalise the name of the new born baby. We all had our long lists of names... A very lengthy debate followed.

Someone jokingly remarked, “Why don’t we ask the little one?”
We joined in a chorus...….yes...yes…Let’s ask him!... And suddenly there was a familiar chant on television.

As our heads turned towards the TV, we saw Soham sitting on the Ganges in deep meditation.

The movie Banaras promo was coming in South Africa.

We were all speechless. Soham had spoken.

Welcome back Soham !!!