Banaras, A Mystic Love Story

Banaras is not a destination its a journey of our lives. If you go to watch this movie for a ready-made solution or only to "kill" two hours, you may get disappointed. Banaras is aimed to create a thirst for something one is generally uncomfortable to explore.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Banaras the movie.. A recent post

During the past few months, as the fragrance of spirituality and music of Banaras is spreading, the prophecy of wise men like Steve and Prem seems coming true. Below, I am reproducing the content of a blog posted recently.

November 25

People's Purpose in Life.

Well, last night I saw the movie Banaras starring Urmilla and some hot long-haired dude named "A. Patel." It was a great movie. At first, I just wanted to see the songs because that's what really has to get me interested, the music. The Song "Om Namah Shivay" was what caught me. And then, my sister said well we should for the fun of it. I don't regret a second of it. It was a magnificient. A mystic love story that opened my eyes alot.

A girl fell in love with a highly spiritual man and well we all know how it goes in "Bhaarat" when it comes to love. You should be of the same caste etc and obviously he wasn't. So the girl's mother murdered him. She went crazy and due to the betrayal she left "Banaras." Man, the images of Banaras were vivid and flambouyant. I loved it and I loved the spirituality behind it. Only then to realise that Love sometimes doesn't go the way you want it to go because that's not your purpose in life.

Some people have a hard time understanding that. I mean maybe I am one of them. If you're not in a relationship then you're either Gay or Eccentric or something of that nature, right? Wrong!!!

Last night after looking at the movie I realised that a man's destiny is written for him. We can't really do much to change that. Only if you prayer maybe somethings may. But generally, what's written for you, that's how you have to live. In The heroine;s case in this movie, she was in love but was certainly cut out for greater things in Lord Shiva's eyes. Yes, it hurt to see the love of your life lying there Lifeless yet peaceful. I can't imagine such pain but I felt it last night. Hmmm.... She was a mystical woman. A woman who ended up being spiritually inspiring to others and a fantastic Musician. I loved it.

So the little purpose of this writing, is to convince myself and you too that sometimes things we want in life are not always what's the right thing for us that;s why it doesnt work. I am glad I saw that today. It may help me with my healing.

Remember one thing, what is written in your destiny, that is what will unfold ..... you can't really change that.....



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