Banaras, A Mystic Love Story

Banaras is not a destination its a journey of our lives. If you go to watch this movie for a ready-made solution or only to "kill" two hours, you may get disappointed. Banaras is aimed to create a thirst for something one is generally uncomfortable to explore.

Friday, June 29, 2012

My own review of.. Gangs of Wasseypur – I (GOW-I)     I had seen Gangs of Wasseypur - I (GOW-I) just after the edit and I was really impressed, considering it was the small screen.   Soon after the Cannes and the Indian release, I began reading reviews. Frankly, the opinions of the critics were so varied that I decided to watch the movie in theater and write my own review.   GOW-I, is an epic that required bold approach and slick narration. Establishment and characterization of main characters ought to have been identifiable, lingo as well as the background score had to have the fragrance of soil of Bihar and that's what it precisely does!   The movie opens with bangs (quite literally) and sets tone for the rest of the film which is full of violence, raw passion and brute egos. The epic is all about the revenge and survival of the protagonist who has no empathy, sympathy or softness towards anyone. Winning, revenge, manipulation, tactic and raw energy are all on exhibition with aplomb.   Frankly, I see GOW-I to be the 'Arrival' of hindi cinema. The film is non-pretentious and fearless and treats the subject, language, music and songs as such!   The most notable part of the narration is its treatment where sex and violence are intertwined with the clever linings of raw humor. In the audience, I heard women laughing and enjoying the dialogues more than men! It seemed to touch a chord of the audience who had chosen to come.   Manoj Vajpayee, in my opinion, was memorable in Satya, but in this movie you will witness him as an accomplished, matured, refined and a complete actor.   Huma Qureshi (the actress of Sujata that was produced by in collaboration with AKFPL ),  in a short role excels! She looks like Meena Kumari and acts like Waheeda Rehman. Watch out guys, you may fall in love with her.   Satya Anand (the actor of Sujata, again a film in collaboration with AKFPL)to his credit, had an important role, where he portrays a typical useless & cowardice politician.   Richa Chaddha (the actress of 'The epilogue' produced by in collaboration with AKFPL) as wife of Manoj Vajpayee gives her best and truly shines with her range of emotions.   Vineet Singh (lead actor of 'Shor'; a movie of many credits produced by in collaboration with AKFPL) including special mention by the Grand Jury at IFFLA; appears as Manoj Vajpayee’s elder son and does a great job. GOW-I sets the stage for him to play a much bigger role in GOW- II (a la Michael Corleone in The Godfather)   All other main characters fit their roles like gloves!   Besides, 'Keh ke lenge' that has been on every poster, my favorite dialogue is one of Huma Qureshi’s... '"lekin aap ko parmison to leni chahiye  thi...".   In my view, I experienced only two negatives- A couple of yawns in the first 30 mins and the tone of the song "Keh ke lenge", when, in patches, sounded too melodious for the genre.   Overall, in my truest opinion, GOW- I is far more realistic cinema than much hyped 'Slumdog Millionaire' and  I hope that after reading this short review you rush to a theater and experience the saga yourself.   Anurag rocks all the way!!!   (4.5).....Stars. By LC Singh for

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Commentary on ' The grand design' , by Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinov

In the beginning when there was near nothing ( Though, gravity was always to be there, says the book), say of the size of an atom, genereal theory of relativity would not be valid ( and the expansion of the space must have happened at infinite times the speed of light) and only the quantum mechanics would apply. Therefore, ( since none of us were there to observe ) the quantum particles must have chosen every possible trajectory. Now since according to M theory, there are 11 ( 10 dimensions and time) dimensions including the time ( even though you and I can experience only four because others are too small for us to see in our universe), there must be billions of other worlds like us and trillions who would not be like us because the dimensions they may exist will be a different set of three ( because more than 3 dimension worlds are not stable) than ours.

Obviously those worlds would have a different set of laws etc than ours.

The book then goes to a great length highlighting the miraculous nature of the planet that we inhabit. To quote some:

"The many improbable occurrences that conspired to enable our existence... if...."

".......Our solar system that seem oddly conducive to the development of human life but also the characteristics of our entire universe, and that is much more difficult to explain."

".......At the time no one knew enough nuclear physics to understand the magnitude of the Serendipity that resulted in these exact physical laws."

The key word used many times to justify the things why they are the way they are is serendipity.

The universe seemingly can be born out of nothing..if there was to be gravity before the universe, according to the book.

However to have a gravity you need the matter and energy which requires the universe and that would put us back to where we began.

There is that usual dogma attached as to every subject that looks at the world only from its own point of view. Like to a musician the creation is just a rhythm, to chemistry is all about chemical reactions and periodic table, to engineers everything is engineering and to mathematician everything mathematics. ..poor us!

Philosophy is a subject which ought to join the fragments and try and project a plausible reality. However the book begins by saying that philosophy is dead and I agree entirely that the way we knew philosophy, indeed is dead but supposedly being taken over by physics.....!

Science needs to be objective or else it's not science and if it engages to dabble in what essentially is unknowable with its faculties, it begins to sound very amateurish.

The book confronts the Bible, esp,, the Genesis, but maintains an ominous silence on the Upnishads. It is my belief that the interpretation and the very definition of God should be finalized first, before trying to make a comment on it, using the typical reductionist approach.

When it is well known and accepted by prominent physicists around the world that upnishad's understanding of creation and the creator is far more sophisticated, subtle and holistic, the very omission suggests that to the esteemed authors the definition of 'Brahman' seemed too inconvenient while discussing the truth of creation.

Here I quote, Ulrich Mohrof, a Quantum physicist and spiritualist:

"Remember the ancient conundrum about the divisibility of matter? If the synchronic multiplicity of the world rested on surfaces that carve up things much as cookie cutters carve up rolled-out pastry, then things ought to be divisible ad infinitum. If on the other hand we want to understand matter in the manner which has been paradigmatic for some 25 centuries — i.e., in terms of the composition and interaction of parts — then there have to be ultimate, not further divisible parts. But why then are these parts not further divisible? Thanks to QM, we know now why the modern “atoms” — quarks and leptons — are not further divisible. The reason they are not further divisible is that they are formless. The shapes of things resolve themselves into sets of fuzzy relative positions (or spatial relations) between formless objects.
If now you recall that ultimately there is only one “thing,” and that this is or consti-tutes everything, you will conclude that the shapes of things resolve themselves into MOHRHOFF: SPIRITUAL PHYSICS 65
the self-relations of a single formless “something.” Taking our cue from the Upanishads, we might as well call it Brahman. Brahman is said
• to be without form,
• to constitute all things,
• to contain all things,
• to originate all things.
Here is a nutshell account, based on QM, of how formless Brahman originates and comes to contain and constitute all things: Brahman enters into spatial relations with itself. As a result,
• there are things that have shapes (sets of spatial relations),
• there is space — Brahman as the one place that contains them all,
• there is matter — Brahman as the apparent multitude of relata (“apparent” because the relations are self-relations) and as the one thing that constitutes them all.
Can you think of a more concise creation story or a more economical way to manifest a world?"


'The grand design', the book, may be considered as a nice introduction in physics to a lay man and may certainly prove to be a money spinner that may have been an important motivation for the authors and the publishers, it does little to unravel anything fundamentally new.

My friend ( if I may call him, since he is my FB friend and also has seen and commented on Banaras movie), Urich Mohrof's short extract, quoted earlier, from his paper 'spiritual physics', speaks all that can be spoken of creation and the creator, in nutshell.

To me this is the truth, because it is simple.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heart of the existence

Courtesy Gita Belin:

"In September 2001, two geostationary operational environmental
satellites (GOES) orbiting the earth detected a rise in global magnetism
that forever changed the way scientists view our world and us. The
GOES-8 and GOES-10 each showed a powerful spike of Earth's
magnetic-field strength in the readings they broadcast every 30 minutes.
It was the magnitude of the spikes and the time they occurred that first
called them to the scientists' attention.

From a location of about 22,300 miles above the equator, GOES-8
detected the first surge, followed by an upward trend in the readings
that topped out at nearly 50 units (nanoteslas) higher than any that had
been typical for the same time previously. The time was 9 a.m. eastern
standard time, 15 minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade
Center and about 15 minutes before the second impact. The correlation
between the events and the reading was uncanny. And it was undeniable.
In light of the data, two questions had to be asked: Were the attacks on
the World Trade Center and the satellite readings actually related? If
so, what was the link? It's the answer to the second question that
sparked the research, and the ambitious initiative that has followed.

Subsequent studies by Princeton University and the Institute of
Heartmath, an innovative nonprofit institution formed in 1991 to pioneer
research and development of heart-based technologies, have found that
the correlation between the GOES readings and the events of 9/11 are
more than coincidences.

Following the discovery that the satellites had recorded similar spikes
during events of global focus in the past, such as the death of Princess
Diana, the factor that seemed to connect the readings was clear: the
indications pointed to the human heart.

Specifically, it's the heart-based emotions of the world's population
that results from such events that seems to be influencing the magnetic
fields of the earth. What makes this discovery so significant is that
those fields are now linked to everything from the stability of the
climate to peace between nations."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Children of God

Soon, these children would be brought into the world of so called ''faith. To become Christians or Muslims or something else. Eventually they will learn to be afraid, to hate and to kill.

Who are the marauders of such innocence?


Friday, April 17, 2009

Close encounter with this beautiful leopard at Kruger SA

The wild, the natural and the beautiful

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slumdog millionaire: movie

Slumdog millionaire

I saw the film in a theater ‘cause I wanted to enjoy the movie as it was intended to be enjoyed.

It’s a wonderful depiction of the craft of film making.

Give a predictable almost mundane story; convert it into a skillfully crafted script. Combine it with dazzling cinematography and boldly conceived visuals. Add to that the genius of Rehman to spice it up and you already have a near winner. Get a Boyle as the director and make Mumbai slums as the backdrop and you have a “masterpiece”.

And that’s our Slumdog millionaire.

When we, in India, watch this movie it feels good. Though with a tinge of envy (on craft of film making). Nice film. Well picturised. Good drama. Happy ending.

But when foreigners watch the movie they get exhilarated. It took them to bring to the world the goodness of India through Gandhi and now through SM they bring to the world the filth of it. It is when we look at SM with this mindset, that we have problem.
Who are they to show us the mirror?

When we shoot in London, we don’t show Brixton. Neither do we show south hall or east London. When we shoot in NY we don’t shoot the ghettos. We always shoot the best symbols in the city. We are sentimentalists. That’s our choice.

They (I include the second generation NRI directors) come and make Salam Mumbai, Water and SM (save that kind fellow Richard Attenborough; bless his soul).We are romanticists. We create fantasies to live the movies. We live among reality. We don’t need to see it on the screen. These movies are made for foreigners. They can’t believe it. It stirs their soul. Some feel good because it makes them feel secure… even superior. They are comforted after watching SMs. They feel relieved as they see us living in the filth. They feel a great exhilaration.

Let’s enjoy and learn the art of film making from SM. lets not make judgment on others about their mindsets and perceptions. Let’s see if there are things that we can learn from others.

I believe in optimism. I believe in continuing to reach for the sky. Let’s continue making a mark on the world and keep appreciating the excellence even if, at times, it’s not convenient.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alvida Kittu

Queen Kittu

There are moments within which the whole eternity shrinks and you transcend the physical reality to enter the world of deep feelings, Compassion and Love. We should call ourselves Lucky if we experience even one such moment in our entire life.

With you kittu, the ten years, that you spent with us, were such divine beautiful experience that it hurts when you are no longer with us, even though we know, that you have merely gone away to change your ailing attire.

In life you were a queen and you went away being a queen.

You may have gone far..but you will ever remain close.. in our hearts.

Alvida Kittu.


Sep 13, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A melting life

A melting life

When the sheer intentionality to be, intricately assembles the elements from the ingredients to create a being that can breathe, think, meditate, reflect, reason and love, a miracle that is life, begins.

The being then wishes to ‘become’, giving birth to ego and fear, which in turn, manifests as anxiety, depression, jealousy and hatred.

This compulsive nature to become grows into an obsession. The self (I) and everything associated with it (mine) becomes the epicenter of the existence, bringing the corporeal world to the centre stage. Life thus, becomes a perpetual race where we all try to quench the unquenchable thirst of the ego.

A day, however, arrives in all’s life when the revelation comes. To the rare, it comes early but to majority, only in the end. But comes it does. It may come weeks before, hours before or even moments before the end.

When the end is in sight, life begins to melt and ego begins to fade
The reality of the illusion begins to dawn and the true meaning of existence transcends the being.

As tears trickle down the eyes, a sad smile appears on the lips and futility of the spent life is realized, a new intentionality is born even as the corporeal world disappears;

The resolve, to come back again.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Grand illussion

Living the moment

Lately the whole world has been talking about Living the moment. Is it that suddenly our evolution has begun moving faster? Is it that the philosophy of life is finally beginning to be understood?

Alas! The phrase is being taken too literally.

Living the moment is being interpreted to defy your own logic. It is thought to be the point of liberation from all kinds of ethics. Morality that has been the reason for a lot of conflict is suddenly no longer a burden.Living the moment is interpreted to succumb to your sensory system completely. A complete liberation from reason.

This is the grandest of all illusions.

Living the moment is to live every moment in complete awareness.To Live with complete knowledge. No bias. No conditioning. No denial. Only compassion. Pure awareness.

It's the feeling of unification with everything.
Yet being aware of oneself.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcoming an opportunity

We are blessed with yet another year to understand our true nature.
Let us welcome the opportunity of spending some precious time together on this planet.

Let us celebrate this togetherness in complete awareness.
Welcome the new year.