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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slumdog millionaire: movie

Slumdog millionaire

I saw the film in a theater ‘cause I wanted to enjoy the movie as it was intended to be enjoyed.

It’s a wonderful depiction of the craft of film making.

Give a predictable almost mundane story; convert it into a skillfully crafted script. Combine it with dazzling cinematography and boldly conceived visuals. Add to that the genius of Rehman to spice it up and you already have a near winner. Get a Boyle as the director and make Mumbai slums as the backdrop and you have a “masterpiece”.

And that’s our Slumdog millionaire.

When we, in India, watch this movie it feels good. Though with a tinge of envy (on craft of film making). Nice film. Well picturised. Good drama. Happy ending.

But when foreigners watch the movie they get exhilarated. It took them to bring to the world the goodness of India through Gandhi and now through SM they bring to the world the filth of it. It is when we look at SM with this mindset, that we have problem.
Who are they to show us the mirror?

When we shoot in London, we don’t show Brixton. Neither do we show south hall or east London. When we shoot in NY we don’t shoot the ghettos. We always shoot the best symbols in the city. We are sentimentalists. That’s our choice.

They (I include the second generation NRI directors) come and make Salam Mumbai, Water and SM (save that kind fellow Richard Attenborough; bless his soul).We are romanticists. We create fantasies to live the movies. We live among reality. We don’t need to see it on the screen. These movies are made for foreigners. They can’t believe it. It stirs their soul. Some feel good because it makes them feel secure… even superior. They are comforted after watching SMs. They feel relieved as they see us living in the filth. They feel a great exhilaration.

Let’s enjoy and learn the art of film making from SM. lets not make judgment on others about their mindsets and perceptions. Let’s see if there are things that we can learn from others.

I believe in optimism. I believe in continuing to reach for the sky. Let’s continue making a mark on the world and keep appreciating the excellence even if, at times, it’s not convenient.


Blogger Free said...

I had the same impression, and even that Boyle put together all "oscarizable" elements: poverty in India, religious prosecution, a love story, some sex and violence and a happy ending.

Funny that we never portray these countries, including the US, where I live, in their true light. But as indians we are romantic. We hope and wish for the best. I hope we also preserve our own heritage, of so many thousands of years.

Saturday, October 31, 2009 7:07:00 AM  

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